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I'm Krystle...

I’m Krystle, a Psychic Medium based in West London. I offer psychic readings in London and the Greater London area, as well as readings via video call for clients all over the world.

About Me

I use my gift to help people gain clarity in their life, to channel positive energy, and to guide people through any challenges, roadblocks or decisions they may be facing. My purpose as a Psychic is to address any concerns and questions you may have in a unique and profound way.


I believe that the spiritual world is one from which we can all benefit. It is an authentic and powerful tool that everyone is welcome to experience. My gift allows me to tap into and pass on the abundant wealth of information, insight and positivity that exists within the spiritual realm, and it is my very great pleasure to share this with my clients.

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My story

My spiritual journey began from a young age. In an out of body experience, I watched as I walked up and down my bedroom and knew that I - and everyone else in the world - had a higher self.


It was then that I began to be aware of my own spirituality. At first, I was only intrigued in the art of tarot, and didn’t consider channeling spirit myself. I loved having my cards read, and was fascinated by the clarity and insight I received from Psychics wherever I went. I wasn’t initially interested in becoming a reader myself, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that I was receiving the same message whenever I had a reading: that I should hone my own psychic gift and use this to help others.


One day, whilst on a trip to Spain, I went to see a Psychic Medium named Carrie Battley. She was different from other readers I had visited in the past: she was young, vibrant and full of so much positive energy. We became great friends and it was through her guidance and gentle persistence that I finally accepted that my gift was worth exploring further. Carrie was adamant that my abilities were not only special, but that they are why I was here on this earth. She explained to me that tarot cards are a tool, but that I have a gift beyond this: I could read without the cards. Carrie was the first person I ever gave a reading to, but I still treated it as something private.


Years later, when I moved to Cuba, a friend begged me to give her a reading. She was at a crossroads in her life and trusted me to give her frank, honest and insightful guidance from the spiritual realm. I agreed and after years of resistance something finally clicked. It was there in Cuba that I fell in love with tarot. The cards allowed me to embrace the psychic gift that had been inside me all along, and helped me hone and nurture my ability to share spiritual messages with others.


I spent months refining my craft. I would spend hours sitting on the busy streets of Havana giving card readings, learning to drown out the hustle and bustle around me and focus only on the purest energy surrounding me. I would sit in nail bars, hair salons, coffee shops...absolutely anywhere, with anyone that asked! I would while away long days in the park in Vedado doing psychic readings. I had finally tapped into my potential and I was hooked.


I loved being able to help people I’d never met before, sharing messages and cues from my spiritual guides and watching people visibly brighten, open up, revitalise and relax as they took in what I had to say. By challenging my gift and forcing my senses to focus despite the distractions or chaos around me, I sharpened my ability to a fine point. By this stage, my psychic gift was so powerful that I had spiritual healers all across Cuba contacting me for readings! Many years have passed and I have since returned to London; but I have not looked back.


Spirituality has changed my life. The happiness and fulfilment I get from giving readings or spiritual baths are beyond words. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!

My story

My Qualifications

My training

I consider my gift a privilege and view it as my duty to constantly improve and enhance my skills.


I take immense pride in delivering high-quality services to my clients. My extensive training, including qualifications, diplomas, and certificates from institutions like the Arthur Findlay College, The College Of Psychic Studies, and Tony Stockwell, covers various specialties such as Advanced Tarot, Spellcasting, Spiritual Counseling, Mediumship, Psychic Development, and Spiritual Development awarded by The London Spiritualist Mission. This training ensures that my readings are always impactful and focused.

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Client Testimonials

"Krystle has a very authentic presence and led the session with calm authority that instantly put me at ease and allowed me to trust the process. I wasn't sure how things would work over a video call session, but was pleasantly surprised at how impactful the reading was even without being there in person"


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