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I'm honoured to have worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world, both in person and over video call. Here are just some of the reviews that have been left for me by happy clients!


I had never had a Tarot reading before and didn’t know what to expect (especially over video call). I must say that Krystle was brilliant. She is calm, insightful and exudes positive energy. I felt very comfortable and relaxed throughout. I definitely recommend her for a reading.

Video-call reading


Had a fantastic reading by the gorgeous Krystle. She was so lovely and caring and afterwards I felt elated. Her insight was spot on and look forward to our next reading in a few months.
Would highly recommend her to everyone.

In-person reading

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Having never had a reading, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I found the whole experience incredibly helpful, professional and enlightening. Krystle has a very authentic presence and led the session with calm authority that instantly put me at ease and allowed me to trust the process. I wasn't sure how things would work over a video call session, but was pleasantly surprised at how impactful the reading was even without being there in person. I felt energised and uplifted after the call, and it gave me real clarity on some of the areas of my life and big decisions I've been grappling with. Would definitely recommend, even if you're not familiar with tarot like me, and I'll definitely be rebooking in a few months as I approach more junctions in my life. Thank you Krystle!

Video-call reading

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I had a tarot reading by Krystle last night. She was thoroughly professional and as soon as she was done I knew I’d want another reading again soon! She asked me what I wanted to know and I had about 3 issues I wanted her to read for. I have to say that to my absolute surprise she was spot on about the personalities and the situations I’m in. She gave me appropriate advice about how I should approach each situation. It was also really good value for an in-person reading. She was thorough and I felt like there were no unanswered questions when she had finished. I’ve had a lot of tarot readings done by other so-called psychics, but this one was the best by far. I would definitely recommend Krystle Tarot to anyone who needs a bit of help trying to figure out what’s going on in their lives.

In-person reading

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I had my first reading with krystletarot and it was amazing! She was spot on about everything and was so calming and extremely easy to talk to and made me feel relaxed.I was so please with the reading and put me in such a positive and focussed mood!  I will definitely be scheduling another reading with her again!

Video-call reading

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I had my first ever card reading with Krystle and she was brilliant. I was quite nervous about what was going to be brought up but it was very uplifting. She reassured me, revisited some of the subjects I wanted to discuss more which gave me a lot of clarity. It was a very thought-provoking and eye-opening experience: thank you so much!

In-person reading

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Just had my reading with Krystle Tarot and it was so accurate. It gave me clarity and calmed my anxiety, I’d definitely recommend and can’t wait for my next reading.

Video-call reading

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I had a reading with Krystle Tarot and, what can I say, it was spot on. Everything made sense and helped me understand everything I was confused about. Can’t wait to get another reading, thank you!

Video-call reading