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Psychic Tarot Card Reading

The use of tarot cards to deliver clarity about your current situation regarding, finance, love, travel, work, etc.

Psychic Reading, No Cards

Psychic reading about your current situation without the use of any tarot cards, helping you to gain clarity into moving forward with life’s challenges

Spiritual Counselling

For people who maybe somewhat unsure about their life’s purpose, their place in the world, or the meaning of life. This service is for people who are looking for guidance and reassurance that things will work out for them. The session is based on your own unique spiritual journey, helping you to understand where you are on that path.

Medium Reading

Connecting with loved ones who have passed away, and delivering evidence that life still continues when we leave our physical body

Psychic & Mediumship Reading

Helping you receive clarity on aspects of your life and also connecting with a loved one who has passed over.

Tarot Parties

 From corporate events, to smaller gatherings, I am able to offer my services in a group setting. The communal atmosphere and convivial energy of a group reading helps me to channel pure and positive energy with clarity.

Premium Services 


Soulmate Connection

This service helps you attract your soulmate or align with your destined partner. By utilising spiritual techniques and guidance, you'll enhance your ability to recognise and connect with the person who resonates with your soul.


Addiction Release

This service assists you in freeing yourself from addictive behaviours, whether it's towards a person, food, smoking, or any other substance or habit. With expert spiritual guidance and personalised support, you'll embark on a transformative journey towards liberation and empowerment, reclaiming control over your life and well-being.


Third Party Removal 

This service removes unwanted individuals from your life who may be causing disruptions or negative influences, such as third parties in your relationships or people who are negatively impacting your life or your family's well-being.

What My Clients Say...

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I had my first ever card reading with Krystle and she was brilliant. I was quite nervous about what was going to be brought up but it was very uplifting. She reassured me, revisited some of the subjects I wanted to discuss more which gave me a lot of clarity. It was a very thought-provoking and eye-opening experience: thank you so much!

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