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Tarot Card Reader ⋆ Psychic Medium

Spiritual Counsellor ⋆ Spiritual Herbalist

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" The most wasted day of all is one without laughter" 
-E.E Cummings

My Services

What can I expect from a reading?

My clients often observe how light and energised they feel after a reading. You may experience newfound calm or confidence, or a profound feeling of having been truly seen or understood.

A psychic reading should provide clarity and allow you to access knowledge about yourself: no matter the topics covered, the experience of gaining this kind of deeper understanding, coupled with the intensified spiritual energy that is channelled during a reading, will leave you feeling uplifted.


“If you're not excited about it, it's not the right path.”

- Abraham Hicks

What is Psychic Tarot?

Tarot is an art which allows those with a psychic gift to access positive, affirming energy from the spiritual realm.

This provides me with a deep insight into your true character, aspirations, struggles and current life circumstances, and allows me to guide you towards a future in which the goals you wish to manifest can become a reality.


Spiritual energy is available to all of us, no matter our beliefs or culture, and it is my honour and joy to be able to help my clients experience its enlightening benefits. There is no right or wrong reason to have a psychic reading: its benefits are universal.

What is Psychic Tarot?
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